Senior Boys Flat Front Trouser – Sturdy Fit (Charcoal)



DL 959
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STURDY  FIT CHARCOAL TROUSERS – ideal for a boy who is bigger built around the waist and thighs with a short inside leg

OSH Students: The school recommend that a pupil should have at least 2 pairs of school trousers.

The trousers need to be a smart flat front trouser in a charcoal colour, which is a very dark grey.

  • Our Senior flat from trousers come in 3 different fits: Classic, Slim and Sturdy
  • Our trousers are measured on waist size (in) and inside leg (in)
  • If the waist measurement of your child is not an even number e.g. 28.5” then we recommend sizing up to the next unit size e.g. 29” to ensure a comfortable fit and room for the shirt to be tucked in.
  • There are internal waist adjusters that can be adjusted if the trousers are slightly loose, and a belt is included with each pair of trousers.
  • Single hook & bar with button extension
  • Composition: 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose * 30% of the polyester used comes from recycled plastic as part of the Eco-Uniform initiative.

Labelling: £1 extra per item
Please email if required.

Garment Supplier: David Luke

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Old Swinford Hospital School

DL 959

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