David Luke Flat Front Slim Fit Senior Trousers in Black (Boys)




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Our slim fit school trousers offer senior boys a more tailored and flattering fit. With sizes starting at 24″ and four different leg lengths; Short, Regular, Long, and Extra Long; to ensure you find the best fit. Take a look at the size guide to see which options are available. In addition, these school trousers are available in three classic school colours. The adjustable waistband can be lengthened throughout the school year as they grow.

David Luke slim fit school trousers are part of our Eco-uniform range made using eco-fabric from 30% recycled plastic bottles. This is a hard-wearing and high-quality sustainable fabric designed to last through the whole school year.


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W26"(L28"), W27"(L29"), W28"(L30"), W28"(L32"), W29"(L30"), W29"(L32"), W30"(L30"), W30"(L32"), W30"(L34"), W30"(L36"), W31"(L30"), W31"(L32"), W31"(L34"), W32"(L30"), W32"(L32"), W32"(L34"), W32"(L36"), W34"(L30"), W34"(L32"), W34"(L34"), W34"(L36"), W36"(L32"), W36"(L34"), W36"(L36"), W38"(L32"), W38"(L34"), W38"(L36"), W40"(L32"), W40"(L34"), W42"(L32"), W42"(L34")


Haybridge High School, Pedmore High School, Perryfields High School, Shenley Academy